/\ Mount Trusmadi !

Climbing Trusmadi, what an experience it was. I knew it was going to be tough climb as I am not anywhere near the fitness level it needed to be and I wasn’t really prepared for it at all. The climb challenges both the physical and mental aspect of one’s condition.

In Malay, Trusmadi literally means ‘straight death’. The word ‘trus’ which is probably the incorrect spelling of ‘terus’, which means straight in English. On the other hand, the word ‘madi’ which is probably the incorrect spelling of ‘mati’, which means death in English.

My grandfather was a land surveyor for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. During the old days, he would have to travel all over Sabah for his job. I came to the know from my father that my grandfather did climbed up Mount Trusmadi before. He would talk about how tough it was – especially when it was a virgin jungle without any proper paths and his team would had to carry all their required work and camping equipments up themselves to the top of the mountain. Their trip back then is probably more a week long journey I would think. Oh, I could only imagine how difficult it was. I am sure it’s way more challenging and tougher than what I have experienced. Wish he is still alive now so that I can hear his wonderful stories of his climb back then. But I’m sure he would be very proud of me to have known that I have completed the climb.

Preparation before the climb is actually probably most important aspect of the climb itself. Making sure the gears are in good working condition and have all the required equipment to complete the climb. Packed just enough things. This is very key. Not too many things due to not wanting to carry unnecessary extra weight. Not too little things as it can potentially create unwanted situations.

Few days before the climb, I manage to buy all the gears needed for my trip to Mount Trusmadi. Must have gears include: head lamp, water, powerbar, raincoat, wind breaker / jacket. It's advisable to wear layers as it's the best way to adjust to the weather and also to the body temperature. It's always good to bring enough, rather than being under prepared.

Yes, I am proud to say that I have completed my Mount Trusmadi climb, and even reached the peak of it! I have to say the mountain guides (all of them!) were amazing. They really truly care for the climbers. Can clearly see that the guides put others first ahead of themselves – such a great witness to the world as what a local Sabahan is really about!

After completing the Mount Trusmadi climb, my smiles are so big, it’s just pure joy. The surreal feeling that I have actually suffered through the whole thing and completed it. I never felt more alive.


Gordon Lee
Updated: 25/11/2015


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